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June 14, 2019
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Tips to Make Your Real Estate Photo Retouching Unique

Real Estate Photo Editing

Real Estate Photo Editing

Real estate photo retouching has become popular over the years among the businessmen.

Numerous companies are offering this service for your conveniences. It makes your real estate photos look splendid and eye-catchy. It corrects the flaws in the real estate photos & lessens your physical labor.

Make your real estate photos look sharper, detailed, realistic, and flawless with this service. Grab more customers and increase sales with this mind-blowing technique.

Research shows that real estate business only develops when you select unique sample photos. But in real life, it is difficult to capture perfect photos. Some natural flaws make the photo look dull. Architectural facts of the neighbors also distract the customers’ attention.

Real estate photo retouching services are your best options here.

Why real estate photo retouching is so important?

Unwanted object removal in real estate photo

As Keats said, “Beauty is truth, truth beauty.”

Everyone adores beauty. It is easier to convince a person when beauty is your weapon. Photo retouching services make the real estate photos pieces of beauty. It eventually helps you to convince a buyer easily.

Whenever you send a business proposal to your client, you’ll need to show samples. Since you are real estate businessman you must have highly engaging photos ready. Most of the real estate businessmen hire photographers and use the plain photos they capture.

This brings them to a complete failure.

It makes the customers pissed and you are the reason.

But, why?

It is difficult to capture every detail even with the finest cameras. Pro photographer hardly can make their capture flawless as the object is quite large. A close shot doesn’t cover the entire building. That’s why they shoot from a distance. Then, they go under treatment to look better.

Professional real estate photo retouching companies offer a greater version of beauty than the usual companies. They are ready to make your photos look natural but glossy. It can add several items to your photos. You can add anything up to your choice. But it is not recommended to exaggerate the editing.

However, overediting and retouching will make the photos look artificial. Only skilled designers can retouch your photos in the most natural ways.

Real estate image enhancement services are crucial to make them unique. It can fill up the lacking which the photos are missing. If you want to increase your sales in real life, real estate photo retouching services are must for you.

What makes a real estate photo look perfect?

There are certain issues which present a real estate photo as perfect. Some of them are natural while some are artificial. Let’s look into them-

  • Green effects: The world is going green. The people are now aware of global warming. So, they prefer eco-friendly settings. Well, forget about the environment (!) for now. Greenery attachment can make your photos look natural and habitable. But random attachments result in complete disaster. Professional real estate image enhancement services preserve the natural essence and add green effects where necessary.
real estate image improve green effects and unwanted object removal
  • Blue sky: An open sky with good cloud formation makes the photos look live. It is difficult to shoot perfect cloud formation in a clear blue sky for a photographer. It totally depends on nature. And you might have to wait for the perfect moment which is frustrating. Real estate photo retouching companies can add clouds in the sky over the house. It can also add sky if it is not there. It will certainly enhance the overall beauty of the photo.
  • Object manipulation: Unwanted objects distract customers’ attention. It should be removed. To preserve the beauty of the photo you should manipulate them. You can either remove them or turn them into other things.
real estate photo object remove and photo enhancement
  • Balance in colors: Color adds life. Colorful items are always lucrative. People love colors as it makes them cheerful. Proper color is mandatory to preserve the true essence of the photo. Natural lights may not suit the situation perfectly. However, artificial color can serve that purpose effectively. Professional designers are able to make that happen. Balanced colors are required for generating elegant real estate photos.
real estate image color balance
  • Furniture: An empty room looks hollow and lifeless. But a room full of furniture makes it look live. Furniture attachment allows real estate photos to attract & convince more customers. Customers can idealize their furniture setting if the sample photo includes it.
furniture photo editing services in real estate
  • Exposure blending: It is the process of blending multiple items in a single photo. Professional real estate photo retouchers select suitable items from different photos and place them into one. It makes the photos look gorgeous. Not necessarily you’ve to display all items to capture photos. You can use those items to capture newer photos while blending can generate a whole new image.
real estate photo exposure blending

What not to do in real estate photo retouching services?

You have the freedom to whatever you want to your photos. But retouching won’t bring any success if it lost its relevancy. Every detail of a real estate photo should be handled carefully while retouching it.

Professional real estate photo retouching service provider has sensitive eyes and can easily find out those details. The following items should not cross their limits and natural vibe while retouching-

  • Power cables: Real estate photos often contain power cables. They diminish the photos’ beauty. Well, a photo retoucher can remove those items. But how much of it should you remove? Well, it depends. If they are obstructing the view, they should be removed. But if they are not, they should be considered. And yes, most appropriately. Most of the photo retouchers make this mistake and wipe out everything except the building. It is quite disturbing as it will be in real life.
  • Grass & trees: Grass and trees can be added artificially. If they are not in real life, there should be extra precaution taken to add them. If the clients don’t find them in real life, they will lose interest.
real estate photo retouching service
  • Swimming pools: Swimming pool enhances the overall beauty. It should be neat and clean. But if there is no swimming pool in real life, it should not be photoshopped. Some real estate businessmen do this to attract more customers. But eventually, they fail as the fake items cannot ensure credibility.
swimming pool color improvement and light adjustment
  • Water lines: Outside water lines can make the photos look shabby. It decreases the acceptability of the photo. Clients also don’t like outside water lines. Well, it can be removed using Photoshop. But to resemble real life, the photo retoucher should be creative.
  • Floors & walls: Floors and walls can be painted differently. Photoshop experts can add different colors on different walls. It also makes the rooms unique. But, if the businessman doesn’t intend to change them in real life, they should be natural. Manipulated walls can increase customers’ interests. It also can frustrate them when they observe them in real life.
real estate photo sun light remove

Important fact of real estate business

Real estate business is booming nowadays. With it, the demands for real estate photo retouching services are also increasing. These services are capable of satisfying the clients in terms of their living standard.

However, there are some drawbacks which distract the customers from the real estate photos. Professional real estate photo retouching service companies can make the photos flawless. It attracts more customers and increases sales.

Some graphics designers make mistakes by applying too many artificial items. The customers lose their faith in those businessmen who do these. Anyway, vibrant and eye-catchy real estate photos are only possible if the photo treatment services are applied to them.

So, to increase sales and ensure great revenues, real estate image enhancement or real estate photo retouching services should be taken into account.

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