Image Editing Services

Photo Editing Services

So, you finally want to make your images look more professional and enticing? If it’s correct, then you are in the right place at the right time. Make your images commercially valuable to increase sales and expand business wings through our cost-effective yet high-quality image editing services.

Clipping Homes have the most advanced photo editing solutions for your e-commerce products, model and fashion, wedding, portrait, landscape, wildlife, and even your old and damaged photos. We also provide the best real estate photo editing and vector conversion services at affordable prices with quick and swift turnaround time.

We run our operation from the USA while our big and sophisticated production department is based on the South Asian region. So, we are able to handle your bulk orders with a considerable amount of time. In addition, we have corporate branches in some other countries significantly satisfying hundreds of clients globally.

Our reasonable pricing plan can easily fit in your budget range. Moreover, we have special pricing plans for our regular and potential clients.

To check our quality of services, you are highly encouraged to submit samples through our ‘free trial’ option. However, please go through our offered photo editing services below to determine your needed ones.

clippinghomes clipping path service

Clipping Path Service

Clipping path service optimizes the images for e-commerce websites and other professional uses. It isolates the targeted subjects to subtract unwanted elements and to apply other image editing techniques that generate enticing photos.

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clippinghomes image masking service

Image Masking Service

Products with fuzzy corners, translucent and transparent objects require image masking service to exquisitely isolate the targeted subjects. It is useful in optimizing background and other items in a photo without damaging the main elements.

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clippinghomes photo retouching service

Photo Retouching Service

Photo retouching service enhances the visual attraction by eliminating the flaws and fixing different issues of the photos. Professional photos need to be flawless and therefore, this service is mandatory in making the images look outstanding.

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clippinghomes ecommerce photo editing service

E-commerce Photo Editing Service

Online retailers cannot overlook the importance of image optimization of their e-commerce product photos which need to be lighter in size and white background to attract customers and facilitate random sales through e-commerce photo editing service.

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clippinghomes color correction service

Color Correction Service

Photos may lack optimal color balance due to certain negative conditions. E-commerce needs to display products with multiple color variations. However, color correction service fixes those issues to enhance its likability and overall sales.

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clippinghomes background removal service

Background Removal Service

Background removal service allows the photographer to capture without being too much background-sensitive. It also replaces the unwanted background of the e-commerce photos to restore the beauty of the photos while increasing its user-acceptance.

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clippinghomes shadow making service

Shadow Making Service

In some cases, the photographic condition results in improper shadows that diminish its beauty. However, shadow optimization service is useful in optimizing e-commerce product photos which increase sales while business scopes for the businessmen.

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clippinghomes jewelry retouching service

Jewelry Retouching Service

Jewelry retouching service enhances the attractiveness of the ornaments and fixes issues that obstruct its beauty. It makes the photos more appealing to the buyers by enhancing its brightness and vibrancy by removing dust and other flaws..

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clippinghomes crop resize and cut out service

Image Cropping & Resizing Service

Crop and resizing service is quite popular in e-commerce categories where the images need to be cropped to eliminate the unwanted parts. Resizing services optimizes the sizes of the images to make them suitable for different platforms.

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clippinghomes ghost mannequin service

Ghost Mannequin Service

E-commerce apparel items and jewelry products look better without the presence of dummies. Ghost mannequin and neck joint service removes mannequins and optimizes images for better visibility and consumer conversion rates.

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clippinghomes wedding photo editing service

Wedding Photo Editing Service

Wedding photo editing service sorts out the drawbacks of the wedding photos and rectifies them to present well-furnished and gorgeous photos. It adds/removes objects, corrects color, and retouch photos to make them look outstanding.

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clippinghomes real estate photo editing

Real Estate Photo Editing Service

Real estate photo editing service makes your business photos look enticing by eliminating unwanted background and objects. It is also useful in exterior and interior decoration of the real estate property which adds live people, 3D prototype, etc.

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clippinghomes raster to vector conversion

Vector Conversion Service

Vector conversion service is required to convert raster graphics into printable vector graphics. It is required for business advertisement, printing larger images, and logo making so that they don't fade even after enlarging to the maximum.

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clippinghomes image manipulation service

Image Manipulation Service

Image manipulation service is applicable for digital advertisement and commercial photos where the output needs to be creative. It brings the realization into reality through masterful optimization of the photos in terms of its presentation and vibe.

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clippinghomes photo restoration service

Photo Restoration Service

Photo restoration service repairs your old and damaged photos ultimately restoring its authenticity even in a more beautiful form. It also colorizes your vintage photos and rectifies the broken parts to regain the original shape.

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