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Do Professional Photographers Really Charge Too Much?

Professional Photographer

Professional Photographer

Photography isn’t cheap; confessing or not. And when it comes to professional photography, the cost simply rises.

However, people often don’t get it. They only see the clicks and time required for shooting. Usually, it takes a few hours to complete a maximum project. Well, it may depend on the category and subject attached. But, more or less, it doesn’t take more than that.

Clients only evaluate these hours and the quality delivered when paying. But, do professional photography is all about these?

Certainly not.

There are other issues that the clients don’t consider. And obviously, they don’t have any idea what a professional photographer has to go through to deliver such quality work. A thing that always remains unnoticed and unappreciated.

However, let’s break the ice. Let’s have a look why professional photographers charge more (reasonable) than those amateurs.

Professional Photographers

Professional expertise:

You have one picture clicked by some amateur. You have another picture clicked by a professional photographer.

Which one looks great?

Well, you don’t have to say. We all know which will look better.

Now, the question is why the later one is better? It is the years of practice and experiences he has gathered.

So, don’t you want to honor those year-long experiences and expertise he gathered?

As a human, you surely want to. And slight leverage in his waging will do just fine.


A professional photographer uses some sophisticated gadgets listed below:

Camera and Lens: Unlike non-professionals, a professional photographer uses a high-end camera with the best lenses. He knows which lens and camera serve the best purpose for specific occasions and uses them accordingly. Naturally, those primary gadgets require a good amount of money and knowledge. And here, his knowledge about the functionality of the camera doesn’t too fair measure against mere money.

Personal computer and laptop: Just like the camera and lens, he needs a high-configured computer system to do the post-processing perfectly. Moreover, it needs additional settings with the camera to ensure the fastest output and usability. And regardless to say, a cheap system cannot do that easily.

Studio light and space: It is often overlooked but shouldn’t. Besides, it consumes a large amount which the photographer has to pay even when he is not using it. Lights with different patterns and settings cannot be replaced by anything else when it is an indoor session.

Professional Photographers

Photo editing software: Well, it might sound unusual to unfamiliar ones. But, professional photography is not all about the camera and lens. It requires masterful editing to make the output perfect in every way. And when it comes to photo editing software, you need to pay for the advanced and upgraded versions. It is not cheap, believe me.

Professional identity: Professionalism is not everything about able to do things accordingly. There are some other factors too. For a professional photographer, a creative website along with nice business cards ensures the ideal identity which is a must. Today, they don’t come cheap or free.

Transportation: If it is done locally, then this section is avoidable. But if not, then transportation consumes a significant amount that the photographer has to bear. Sometimes, he has to carry his equipment with him and it increases the overall cost.

Miscellaneous: Many other issues require money and items like internal and external storage, tripod or stabilizer, carrying bag, and so on requiring a significant amount of money.

There are plenty of items that I’m not mentioning here. But, one thing is clear that an item added is a buck added.

Moreover, he needs upgrading of the equipment regularly. Additionally, they might require insurance and maintenance costing a significant amount.

A professional photographer has to maintain all these to deliver what a client deserves. Well, he may not have to pay for them each time he undergoes a session. But, he has to make enough money to carry on with the maintenance. After all, he has to make a decent living with the money made.

So, it is not fair to accuse a professional photographer of charging so-called ‘insane’ for your photography session at all.

Amy Wilson
Amy Wilson
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