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Photo retouching services have become more than the necessity in present days for fashion photographs, e-commerce business, magazines, etc. Retouching services increase the appeal of the images. In fact, this service helps photographers to impress their clients.

However, the best Photoshop photo retouching services are only possible when handled by professionals. We have the best designers who can make your images look elegant. 

Different tools including blurring brushes, color replacement tools, and clone stamp tools turn ordinary images into grand ones. Image retouching services helps to tweak lighting, colors, add texture, enhance naturalness, brighten teeth, smoothen skin, and eliminate blemishes to instantly make your photos look stunning. Regularly, what you see on the billboards, those gorgeous modeling images with sophisticated products are the outcomes of the professional image retouching services.

We ensure outstanding image retouching services at considerable costs to photography agencies and freelance photographers. Several eCommerce brands and individuals are also using our photo retouching services to get desired outputs. 

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Photo Retouching Services for eCommerce brands and Professional Photographers

What is photo retouching?

Simply, photo retouching is a sophisticated way of image treatment. It aims at providing it a refiner look. 

Photo retouching services, in general, removes spots, scratches, dust, mitigate reflection, rearrange the shapes, and beautifies the images on an extensive level. It elevates the likability of the products while making them ideal for online usage and publication.

It rectifies available defects including any sort of physical damage and tunes it to make them look fab.

Photo retouching services, on average, execute the below actions—

raw image for retouchingspot removal and skin retouch

Spot Removal:

Images may contain spots of many kinds and image retouching services removes them all unless they are permanent and not ethical to remove. It is one of the basic tasks of photo retouching service. Retouching eliminates the spots to make images look alluring.

Scratch Removal:

Scratches and spots are common enemies of a photo and retouching process eliminates them all. Scratches make the photo poor. Product photo retouching services remove the scratches and polish them to look flawless.

Camera Reflection:

Sometimes the photos get too much light from different sources and they reflect on the metals or stones of the subjects. It is distracting and makes the photo unattractive. Retouching can resolve the issue with ease keeping the quality intact.

Clothing Wrinkles:

Wrinkles make apparel photography a disaster and apparel photographers face this difficulty often. Wrinkles on clothing products become an unavoidable problem and can ideally be solved by professional apparel product retouching services.

Photo Reshaping:

Photos may come in any sizes but they don’t perform good on many platforms. And so, reshaping is necessary.

Photo retouching services can reshape them using Photoshop ensuring the best size and design for different items and accessories.

Types of professional photo retouching services—

Portrait Retouching:

Portrait photographs require first-class beautification as the primary aim here is to let the image speak for itself rather than the person involved. In most cases, portrait photography includes many flaws of the human skin. It includes several imperfections. Portrait photo retouching services refine portrait images for the best outlook.

High-End Retouching:

High-end image retouching services covers a lot of detailing in an image including white & black balance, exposure, sharpening, brightness level, contrast ratio, etc. It tweaks the issues to generate a detailed output where nothing leaves behind. 

Manipulative/Creative Retouching:

Creative retouching services remove flaws and manipulate the subjects creatively to generate something marvelous. It jolts down your ideas and put them together in a dig9ital form to make something magical.

Body/Skin Retouching:

Skin is the largest organ in a human body and often suffers from various issues including spot, marks, scratches, uneven tones and so on. Body/skin retouching finely tunes the skin to retain naturality while erases all the negative issues that make it look unattractive.

body retouch
Body Retouching

Commercial Product Retouching:

Commercial product photo retouching service is vast and tremendously important these days. It is usually demanded by eCommerce photographers and vendors. Commercial product photography retouching service ensure the most exquisite images and makes the products lucrative to the viewers. Jewelry photo retouching services are very popular and belong to this category.

Beauty Retouching:

Beauty retouching service is aimed at providing retouching services exclusively on the model’s face. Also known as Headshot retouching and often comes with sensitive facial altercation processes. 

Editorial Retouching:

Editorial image retouching service is the most sophisticated among the retouching services. It usually requires in publications and top-class magazines where creativity and attention the details is a must.

raw image for background and skin retouchingbackground and skin retouching

When to use professional retouching services?

Professional photo retouching services serve well for the professional purposes. It usually serves greatly for the below sections—

  • To optimize product photos.
  • Removing wrinkles on clothes and skin. 
  • To turn poor model photography look attractive ones.
  • When smoothen of skin is required and removal of spots and blemishes are necessary. 
  • To erase camera reflection and optimize images commercially.

Professional photo retouching services at Clipping Homes LTD

Clipping Homes LTD is widely known as the pioneer of the photo retouching services. It has experienced designers and as one of the best photo retouching companies, it provides the best retouching service.

In addition, it has a large number of photo retouchers and provide 24/7 customer support to the clients. 

Moreover, CHL works the way the clients prefer and keep improving the quality even after it matches the client’s choice in the first place. It offers affordable costs and ensures a faster delivery time.

The company offers the most secure payment policy and bearing the customers’ demands in mind, it designs the services to ensure the best experience for the clients.

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