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Apparel product photos with distracting elements make customers unhappy. They don’t buy the product if they find the images not appealing enough. However, apparel and accessories products often photographed using supporting structures aka mannequin. But, they cause distractions and so, require removal from the images. Ghost mannequin services can remove dummies and make your images look elegant.

Neck joint service is an integral part of ghost mannequin service and makes the images even more sophisticated. 

Real-life models are expensive, and, they don’t work on your schedule as for their busy events. So, you might not find your desired person whenever you wish to go for a product photoshoot. Therefore, mannequin can solve you from those hassles while serving your purposes even on a tight budget. You can snap images using any of those and remove them in post-production without being worried of the quality.

We provide the best ghost mannequin services along with professional neck joint services. Our skilled designers are capable of removing mannequins from the images even if the image is too complex. We can save you from spending your quality time in an inefficient job when you can be strategic to expand your business wings. 

Regardless of your product categories, like T-shirts, pants, shoes, cap, jewelry, jackets, necktie, party dress, luxury watch, women skirt, work wear, prom dress, trousers, children cloth, hoodie, sports shoes, lingerie, accessories etc. need ghost mannequin service.

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Invisible/Ghost Mannequin Service & Neck Joint Service for Apparel Photographers at Clipping Homes LTD.

What is a ghost mannequin effect?

Ghost mannequin effect service is an attempt to remove the mannequins from apparel, jewelry, and accessories products. 

It is a sophisticated process that brings the mannequin or dummy out of the products but keeps the shape intact. Well, it is actually a process of making the mannequin vanished. 

Apparel product photographers use mannequin to snap the images besides using fishing line and cloth hangers. It allows the buyers to showcase the products entirely, without leaving any area unseen to the buyers. 

But, in the real-life scenario, considering online buying trait, mannequins cause distraction and decrease the sales. Removing those dummies elevate the chances of being sold and so, require immediate action. Ghost mannequin services make the items vanished without affecting the quality.

What is a neck joint effect?

Ghost mannequin service is incomplete without the neck joint service. It adds the missing items within the products which are left behind during the mannequin removal process. The whole process is to be done manually and requires experienced hands.

Neck joint service makes the products look complete. Without it, you cannot use the images for promotional purposes. It also ensures a 3D look to your images while maintaining the authenticity and original look of the products.

Who needs ghost mannequin & neck joint services?

Apparel product photographers with an intention to impress the clients and e-commerce vendors who wish to attract more customers usually prefer ghost mannequin & neck joint service the most. In addition, jewelry and other fancy gadget photographers and businessmen use this service to masterfully present their products to the customers.

Neck joint service as well as ghost mannequin services are quite popular and much needed services for fashion and apparel retailers, garments brands, jewelry industries and e-commerce stores.

Real life models require a large sum of money to hire and worked with. They are too expensive in some cases.  The mannequin put a nice display for the product photo-shoot. But, it is uninteresting when you consider it in the online scenario and especially, from the perspective of the buyers. To avoid all these obstacles and distractions,  neck joint & ghost mannequin service can be a viable solution for photographers and eCommerce dealers. It ensure the premium look and at the same time, minimizes the cost. If you want to optimize an apparel image according to the customers’ choice, you need to use online ghost mannequin services.

Customers don’t like to click on messy products and images with the minimalistic props and third-party features get the most ‘add to cart’ probabilities. Ghost mannequin image editing services removes the mannequins and optimizes the images for the simplest outlook. It also makes them customer-friendly.

Thus, it increases the real-life sales while strengthening brand value.

Ghost mannequin and neck joint services at Clipping Homes LTD

Ghost mannequin service is one of our best practiced services and we have confidence in attaining the quality with zero flaws.

We always make your images look great and never fail to bring life to it. We also keeps the natural look to attract people easily. Our experienced designers don’t miss to focus on every detail and make sure to keep them sharp. We try to bring the best out of your photos and try until you are completely satisfied.

We ensure the topmost quality and generate the best possible result while our service procedure offers the quickest turnaround with 24/7 support fulfilling your requirements anytime.

Our designers are trained to ensure the best ghost mannequin services with proper neck joint job anytime and even if your images are the most complex ones.

Why should you trust our company?

  • Best editing quality
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Large team of experienced graphic designers
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Reasonably priced
  • 24/7 online presence
  • Data protection policy and secure payment gateway

“We care for you and ensure the satisfaction which you demand the most”

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