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June 29, 2019
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Commercial E-commerce Photography: Experts’ Lesson

commercial ecommerce photography

commercial ecommerce photography

How far do you know about commercial e-commerce photography? How can you improvise your skill in it? What is trending in 2019?

Yes, you are in the right place. This article is all about commercial e-commerce photography. Whether you are a photographer or an online retailer, this is the lesson you should know. For product photographers, this is just perfect. For e-commerce enthusiasts, this is a marvel.

Don’t you belong to them? Well, learning is always fun. So, let’s explore.

commercial ecommerce photography

E-commerce & commercial e-commerce photography: what are they?

This portion is for the beginners. If you are not; skim it. But don’t skip.


E stands for Electronic. So, it refers to Electronic Commerce. Some also call it Internet Commerce.

Well, both sound the same. It is a process of selling goods and services through the internet. The products are available online in the form of photo or image. Customers choose and buy them just through some mouse clicks.

And money? We have multiple options to transfer our money worldwide, don’t we? Online payment system makes the transaction possible anytime anywhere.

Commercial e-commerce photography/ e-commerce product photography:


You have to photograph your products to display them online. Your e-commerce products and a photographer’s effort. The combination results in e-commerce photography for commercial purposes.

Some call the photographer as e-commerce photographer. We call it e-commerce product photography too.

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commercial ecommerce photography

Importance of commercial e-commerce photography

Yes, the importance of commercial e-commerce photography.

It’s quite impressive.

You cannot ensure a healthy internet business if you don’t care about product photography.

Customers like to see sharp product photos. They want to observe every with just one look. It is only possible if you photograph your products carefully. A good camera and skillful photographic sense can ensure the finest quality of the photos.

Research shows that around 78% of customers prefer clear images when shopping online. So, make sure your product photos are clear. Maintain a good focus too.

Good photos also enhance the beauty of your site. A well-furnished website helps you to get into a good mood of business. It also convinces customers to make the purchase. It’s good and supportive, right? After all, you want a healthy business to make a living.

commercial ecommerce photography

What will make your commercial e-commerce photography perfect?

Here comes the interesting part.

You have thousands of e-commerce products and a ready-to-go website. Or say, you already have a running e-commerce site. But the performance is not satisfactory.

What to do?

Well, here I am. You can ask me.

Feeling shy? Don’t worry. Just listen to what I am about to speak of.

Keep a keen eye on the following issues when you shoot for the perfect product photos.

You already know that photo is an essential part of the e-commerce world. Suitable photos make the business more successful.

However, firstly, light is an important element in product photography. Sometimes it means everything to an e-commerce photographer.

Proper light makes the images vibrant and eye-catchy. In ambient light, one can easily detect any flaw in an image. But, it is not easy to provide light to every part if the source is single.

So, ensure proper lighting at any cost.

Then, your business will boom if you have a good product photographer. One who is good at product photography can capture perfect photos for your e-commerce site. Nice photos grab customer’s attention like a magnet. If you can generate sharp images then you can divert customers to your site.

In addition, good backgrounds make photos suitable for the context. An image is best observed when the background is white. Well, it actually depends on the product’s color. But still, white background is the standard one. So, try to capture photos on a white background.

Moreover, proper cropping and resizing balances the focus level of the objects. So, maintain it.

Furthermore, everyone loves to see all the parts of the photo before he decides to buy. In that case, a 360° view is very much helpful. It adds life to the inanimate objects. So, consider it wisely.

commercial ecommerce photography

How to reduce costs in commercial e-commerce photography?

Money matters.

Everyone cares for it. Me too. Actually, I care a lot.

You need to be cost-effective in commercial e-commerce photography. As an e-commerce photographer, you may not have that much headache. It’s because your business is to capture photos and deliver them to the owners. But for a businessman, he has to think twice. The more the costs the less the profits for him.

So, the cost is a fact here.

commercial ecommerce photography

The question is, do we options to minimize the overall costs?

Of course. We have.

Today I come to learn about a gadget which is really impressive in all ways. Sorry, but, I cannot disclose the name here. I hope many of you already have that gadget.

It’s more like a box built especially for product photography. It has ample light sources within itself to provide you bright but appropriate lighting. You can carry it anywhere. It’s super flexible. You can shoot photos easily even with your mobile phone here.

It is not expensive and can handle your daily need for e-commerce product photography.

Again, you can shoot your own product photos if you are good at it. It will spare you from the extra costs of hiring a professional one. But it is not recommended if you are not comfortable with it.

You can also find 360° rotator in the market to buy. Use it to provide a 360° view to your product photos. It will save you from the hazard of editing videos to upload on your site. It too saves money for you.

To conclude,

Product photography is all about e-commerce business. The success of an online business depends on it. Customers rush to the site where they find the product photos interesting and lucrative. Eventually, they end up buying the items. It benefits the retailer.

commercial ecommerce photography

And you do want to be that retailer, right?

Certain issues like proper lights, good shadows, 360° view, white background, etc. ensure a good-quality e-commerce product photo. However, there are many gadgets in the market which will reduce your costs and help you to shoot like a pro.

If you want to thrive in your internet commerce, you should put your efforts on commercial e-commerce photography. Proper utilization of the resources will ensure a good flow of profit which is one of your biggest dreams. And yes, we all love to dream big.

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