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July 27, 2019
clipping path company in bangladesh
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August 24, 2019

Clipping Path India: Why So Many Companies Are Out There?

clipping path india

clipping path india

Clipping path service is a popular image editing technique in terms of e-commerce. Due to the availability of the resources, western countries are depending much on south Asian countries; especially India. And here, clipping path India is a reliable solution which is taking advantages of its size and manpower.

However, with the advancement of the online business around the world, people are looking into trust-able companies for satisfying needs.

To any given moment, e-commerce product photos you see on the websites are the outcome of clipping path technique. And if you go to the ‘behind the scene,’ clipping path India would be the source.

Clipping path service providers in India are gaining trust for several reasons. The availability of cheap resources is the main cause of this. High-speed internet and infrastructural advantages along with effective patronization have secured India this position.

However, without further ado, let’s dive into the clipping path service and its importance first. Then let’s see why India is representing clipping path industry in Asian countries.

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Professional clipping path service:

Clipping path is the prominent adaptation of the image cutting technique through Photoshop. Well, there are some other image editing tools available. But, Photoshop is the most popular one.

It extracts the targeted items from a photographic frame without interfering others. In an image editing process, you may need to edit a certain portion. Clipping path service marks that item first and then the editor can do what he needs to do.

Professional image editors use ‘pen tool’ to set anchor points across the subject’s border. Then extracts it to another layer to edit the way he needs to.

E-commerce websites require clean and sophisticated images to attract web clients. Clipping path service is a required technique in getting ideal images for online stores and professional photographers. Clipping path India is, therefore, putting its shadow all over the e-commerce industry gradually.

It turns average product images into gorgeous ones. Online customers always look into several websites before purchasing something. Here, an eye-catchy image can stop him from exploring other websites.

So, you need enticing photos to engage your customers in your site. This is the first step. The second step would be the conversion of that visitor into your client. Here, a good-quality image will present itself as the most relevant one. So, your clients won’t think twice and will click on the ‘purchase’ button.

clipping path company in India

Clipping Path India

Clipping Path Company in India is flourishing more than any other places in the world.

Well, there are some reasons for this rapid growth. We all know that India has a population of 1.2 billion. And it makes India as one of the strongest countries in terms of manpower.

In addition, the living standard of Indian people is not like that of any developed country. Therefore, the cost of production is low here and it allows the companies to make more profits than usual.

That’s why western image editing agencies and professional photographers are relying on this country to get services at affordable costs. Well, some other Asian countries including Bangladesh are also providing services at cheap rates. But being a larger country, it has some geographical and infrastructural advantage.

As a matter of fact, clipping path India is satisfying a large number of individuals and companies regarding their clipping path needs.

Along with clipping path India, most other image editing solutions are also provided by the Indian companies worldwide. The IT sector in India is quite strong like many developed countries in the world. Suitable govt. policy, cheap labor, and other issues are driving outsourcing partners to India to expand their business areas. Most e-commerce sites require professional photo editing partners. And here, clipping path India is being considered as the best solution along with other services.

Why there are so many image editing companies in India?


A recent survey shows that eightieth of European, as well as North American countries, choose India as a top-notch outsourcing destination.

In addition, NASSCOM (The National Association of Software & Service Companies) points out that the majority of Fortune 500 corporations prefer Indian companies regarding their outsourcing needs.

However, some other Asian countries like China and the Philippines have managed to join the competition. But, India is still the top outsourcing destination around the world. Product photographers and online retailers consider clipping path India to get the most convenient services.

In a recent study, researchers claim that the IT sector in India is expanding by 25-30% per year. And certainly, it is not a miracle. Certain things are working behind this scenario.

Stable and supportive govt. policy, infrastructural development, and most importantly, talented manpower has brought this success.

However, the reasons why there are so many image editing companies in India are as below.

Technical superiority and availability of manpower:

With more than 1.2 billion people, India is the second-most-populous countries around the world. Its size of the population is likely to be the top within the next few decades. However, each year around 3.1 million students is graduating from different institutions. These numbers are enriching the existing state of talents on a regular basis. Technical advantage has made people outsourcing clipping path India now and then.

In addition, technical innovation is assisting companies to work with better efficiencies. With the resource backed by skilled and talented manpower, India is developing rapidly in all sectors including image editing platforms.

India is considered as a third world nation. Yet, the rate of the development of its IT sector is clearly better than many other developed countries.

The living standard of Indian people is quite inexpensive. Therefore, it allows companies to harvest rich products at a cheaper rate. And this is the reason why many western countries are investing in Indian industrial areas.

On an interview with Tom Hyde, STI Upstream business manager (Shell) regarding why India is the most favorable country for outsourcing destination, he explained, “The attraction of India for us was not only numbers but, more importantly, the quality of the talent. We’ve taken on people who are innovative and creative and can really contribute to the business,”

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Versatile rating choices

The topmost reason why south Asian countries remain the prime outsourcing suppliers is its cheap labor cost. Thanks to the price saving options that corporations are able to do here in India. This is often principally as a result of the gap that dwells between labor costs in India compared to the western countries.

For instance, a graphic designer in India may cost several times lower than that of a US one. This rating flexibility permits corporations the liberty and creativeness in maintaining their budget. It requires less cost to get image editing services here. Thus, reaping giant profits in terms of clipping path India is possible.

Consistency in works

Consistency in quality is mandatory in image editing services. However, the clipping path industry in India is quite good at providing consistent quality outputs. Clipping path India allows the users to update their sites with a continuous pattern of the photos.

Companies around the world enjoy high-quality services from the outsourcing Indian clipping path company.

The National Outsourcing Association (NOA)

The National Outsourcing Association (NOA), in its yearly conference, indicates “Cost reduction was only part of the reason that companies were considering offshore outsourcing, there were benefits to be had in time-to-market and quality, leading to an adage that companies initially chose India to save costs but stayed for the speed and quality!”

Infrastructure & Technology

The modern Asian nation, especially India is well-developed and offers progressive ISP, telecommunication, and cellular networks in major towns and cities.

Clients are enjoying the latest and sophisticated technology in terms of their services. Hence, they only get the finest outputs. Most e-commerce platforms are getting solutions to their outsourcing needs from India.

Outsourcing corporations conjointly maintain uninterrupted channels of communication with shoppers via high-speed bandwidth facility and satellite property. Submarine cables along with fiber optic systems are ensuring flawless services.

European and USA-based countries are satisfying their clipping path service in India to increase business profitability. They prefer clipping path India just to get the highest output with a minimal effort.

Stability in Govt. policy

The govt. of India and other South Asian countries offer a stable and favorable policy for a greater benefit of the IT sector. With the growing demand for high-quality photo editing services around the world, clipping path India is successfully keeping pace with it.

With a view to enhancing intellectual integrity, the ministry of telecommunication in India has passed a friendly agenda. It has opened the option for western countries to enjoy the most out of the IT sector in India.

Most importantly, the taxation system and specialized economic zones are offering various advantages to different international companies.

Moreover, with the increasing pressure of providing employment to the huge number of graduates are making the govt. to develop IT sector rapidly. Therefore, there are so many IT-related companies and manpower available compared to any other countries in the world.

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Favorable time zone

Another important factor that is favoring western countries in outsourcing from India is the gap between two time zones.

Here, there is a gap of a long business hour allowing the western countries to get their job done within the least possible time. It is quite efficient against their amount of investments.

For instance, if an USA-based company provides work to an Indian company, he may get it in the first business hour on the next day. And it won’t be possible if he prefers a local service provider.

Moreover, the availability of the cheap labor force permits Indian companies to employ workers 24/7 in different shifts.

So, it is possible to contact them anytime upon your needs and requirements.

Language Benefit

Surprisingly, India is the largest English speaking community even though the native language is Hindi.

The education system permits the Indians to practice and learn English from their early ages. Therefore, it creates no problem for them to communicate with native English speakers. So, communication becomes effective and easier to sort out the business deals promptly.

Cost of Higher Education

Most of the western countries require a rich amount of money to complete the graduations. And therefore, many of them do not continue with studying making them less talented compared to the Indians.

However, the education policy of India allows the students to get higher education at affordable costs. And so, they are familiar to the latest trend of technology and other IT related issues.

Moreover, the specialized education system in different categories including graphic design allows them to get higher practical knowledge. And it is quite helpful in generating quality outputs when it comes to photo editing. And of course, it enables people looking for clipping path India specifically.

clipping path service in India


Clipping path service is a part and parcel of e-commerce associated individuals. It makes the business photos look great. Customers have soft corners for relevant and alluring images.

The rate of clicking increases when you present your images maintaining the expectations of the clients. However, clipping path service along with other image editing services enhances the likability of the pictures.

South Asian countries handle the majority of clipping path editing needs around the globe. However, Indian companies are advancing with the latest technology to provide the best output. Clipping path India is the top priority of most western countries in terms of outsourcing. It allows them to maintain a budget and get better productivity.

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