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August 17, 2019
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Why Clipping Path Company in Bangladesh is Flourishing Better than its Western Competitors?

clipping path company in bangladesh

clipping path company in bangladesh

E-commerce is not a subject to be confined within the national boundaries. And therefore, everyone is trying to do better than others to showcase their potentials. However, in that case, south Asian countries are almost unbeatable. As a matter of fact, the clipping path company in Bangladesh is taking the lead on that business.

Online businessmen and product photographers all over the world are now relying on the clipping path company in Bangladesh to get most of their photo clipping path needs.

However, cheap labor cost and the availability of the manpower are facilitating the growth of the clipping path company in Bangladesh. And here, its western counterparts are failing due to their living costs, which have direct impacts on e-commerce.

As a result, most of the image editing companies are outsourcing their needs from offshore agencies like that of Bangladesh.

Clipping path service:

Clipping path is an image cutting process which strips the subjects from the background. E-commerce product photos need to be stripped from the unattractive background to make them attractive.

Professional clipping path service company engage skillful artists to execute clipping path service promptly. However, e-commerce industries benefit from this service the most. Professional photographers and fashion houses use this to make photos flawless.

headphone medium clipping path service

Clipping path service associates with the following persons and areas

In the current e-commerce scenario, clipping path service is being used by different categories of people for different purposes.

They are-

  • Photography studios
  • Professional e-commerce product photographers
  • Printing corporations
  • Online journals as well as international magazines
  • Newspaper industry
  • E-commerce websites
  • Catalog corporations
  • Modeling as well as fashion industries
  • Advertising platforms

However, clipping path service facilitates the online owners in the undermentioned ways-

  • Subtracting inappropriate objects
  • Stripping out an object from the photos
  • Erasing the annoying background
  • Attracting customers to your online marketplace
  • Optimizing photos for Amazon marketplace
  • To retouch your product and model photos
  • To add shadow and other effects to the commercial photos
  • For the replacement of the shabby backgrounds
  • Optimizing photos to make it suitable for image masking services
clipping path service provider in bangladesh

Background of clipping path company in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the densely populated countries in South Asia. It has a large number of workable populations in the IT industry.

In addition, Bangladesh has taken sufficient measures to facilitate the growth of IT-based organizations. And with this reference, the authority is taking measures to provide high-speed bandwidth facility along with flawless internet connectivity.

However, in recent times, it is shown that Bangladesh is the #1 photo editing service outsourcing partner for thousands of companies and agencies worldwide.

Many freelance platforms are nowadays swarmed by the Bangladeshi freelancers. They are successfully providing services to numerous clients worldwide. And here, a majority of them are related to the photo editing services.

Well, if we compare this ratio to the neighboring country India, then it might seem unusual. Bangladesh is a lot smaller in size than its neighbor India. But, somehow, Bangladesh has successfully passed the winning line before India. As a matter of fact, India is leading the giant companies in terms of the management level worldwide whereas Bangladesh is taking control of the mid-level service areas gradually.

It is surprising that there are more photo editing companies in Bangladesh than some of the western countries combined. At any given time, there are more than 3000 companies working around the clock in Bangladesh. Most importantly, over 80% of the photo editing companies are being operated from Bangladesh. Furthermore, some renowned companies have production houses in Bangladesh whereas their corporate branches are not.

Even there are many giant companies who have offshore branches in South Asia. And Bangladesh is clearly stepping ahead in terms of number when this scenario is under consideration.

The first wave regarding a clipping path company in Bangladesh started around 2007. Back then, it struggled a lot to survive the competition due to its lack of skilled manpower and technology. However, with the time passing, the govt. patronization helped them to save their existence in the market.

Then, the second wave started around 2011-2012. During and from this time the companies started to evolve. They got the opportunity to prepare themselves for the next challenges that were faced by the nearest competitors.

Finally, the third wave started around 2014-2016 when the flower had its full blossom. The stability of the govt. and its well-organized plan regarding the digitalization of the country made it possible for the companies to begin the aggression over the competitors around the world.

However, until now, Bangladesh is leading the photo editing industry along with India and some other South Asian countries. And, interestingly, the majority of the foreign companies depend on Bangladesh for their outsourcing needs. It is much like a prestigious issue for clipping path company in Bangladesh.

clipping path bangladesh

Why Clipping Path Company in Bangladesh is taking the lead across the globe?

A particular sector develops in a specific country if certain conditions favor the situation. And, here in Bangladesh, low living cost, available manpower, patronization of the govt. officials and technical aspects allowed the clipping path companies to thrive faster. 

However, clipping path service provider in Bangladesh thrives for the following basic reasons.

Stability in the govt. system

The political stability of Bangladesh is quite fair and has a direct influence on the growth of clipping path service provider in Bangladesh.

The govt. officials have a futuristic plan regarding the IT sector. Form the very beginning; the concerned organizations are trying to spread its wings from the urban areas to the rural areas. The people are now more conscious of the blessings of technological innovations.

Their interest in IT firms and especially outsourcing firms has created the opportunity to make them engaged in this sector rapidly.

Skilled manpower

Bangladesh is overcrowded with its population and to some extent, it has some benefits.

Actually, there are more people available for work than the availability of the workplaces. However, that excessive amount of available manpower allows the employers to engage them in different sectors. In some cases, they can hire additional artists almost instantly if needed.

So, photo editing sector in Bangladesh never suffers from the scarcity of the designers. Therefore, clipping path service provider in Bangladesh is flourishing day by day.

Technical and infrastructural advantage

Even though Bangladesh is a third world country, its infrastructural development is noticeable. It has secluded IT zones in specific areas where the concerned officials devote themselves for the development information technology only.

In addition, technical advantage has lead Bangladesh to enjoy a secured online platform. Being surrounded by a large and technologically advanced country like India, it enjoys certain facilities at a low cost. Therefore, it can get a higher output just by investing a minimum amount of time, money, and manpower.

Bangladesh technical and infrastructural advantage

The low living standard facilitates convenient outsource pricing

The per capita income of Bangladesh is around the US $1466 right now. On the other hand, per capita income of the USA is the US $65,062 which is way more than Bangladesh.

Therefore, the average living cost leads them to work more against the amount they are paid. However, this scenario allows the outsourcing companies to recruit a large number of employees.

Considering the situation, the pricing plan suits the investors and they get their job done at convenient prices.

So, the investors can fit perfectly here no matter what their budget allows them to. Almost all of the photo editing companies here in Bangladesh, charge comparatively less which benefits the photographers and agencies.

In a result, the clipping path company in Bangladesh is thriving this rapidly.

Consistency in works

Clipping path company in Bangladesh is well-renowned for its ability to deliver products maintaining the consistent quality.

However, consistent output in terms of quality is essential in attracting clients. If you maintain consistency when uploading photos to your site, it will please more visitors than the average. In e-commerce sections, the photos should follow a specific pattern in style and quality.

Here, the image editing artists are trained accordingly to provide the output maintaining a unique pattern. So, there’ll be no problem decorating your site with unique photos.

Moreover, thousands of companies from the different parts of the world outsource from Bangladeshi agencies to get quality outputs at considerable prices.

Time-sensitivity and favorable time zone

The basic feature for what western countries prefer Bangladesh and other South Asian countries is most probably the time difference among them.

For instance, Bangladesh locates in GMT+6 zone and therefore, when it is a day in here, the people of the USA is already asleep.

So, if a person provides any task during his business hour, he can get that back just on his next business day. But, if he outsources it locally, he will have to wait at least for 2 business days since they work on the same time zone.

This unique feature has made Bangladesh an ideal place for outsourcing solutions. It allows the outside companies to conduct business with better efficiency.

Moreover, it is quite considerable if you take its commercial value into account.

English speaking tendency

Bangladesh has long been under the colonial rule of Great Britain. Therefore, even though English is the first language, it is used widely for business and social communication.

Moreover, the overall education system of Bangladesh focuses on the learning of English along with other courses.

Furthermore, the cultural pattern of this country somehow favors the practice of English as a communicative language. So, the foreigners, especially the English speaking communities do not find it difficult to communicate with the educated Bengali people.  

So, it was never that much difficult for a clipping path company in Bangladesh to get clients abroad.

English speaking tendency

Specialized education system

Bangladesh has a rich variety of subjects to get a degree. In addition, many of the institutions offer specialized courses that allow the students to get a practical degree on it. It has an instructed curriculum set by the concerned officials.

For instance, there are several educational institutions that offer higher degrees on graphics design and fine arts. And interestingly, there are numerous students graduating from those areas assisting image editing sectors to reach a new height.

Clipping path company in Bangladesh is targeting those graduates so that they can develop the quality of the works. With an attractive salary package and other facilities, they are now engaging that skilled manpower to the business.    

To sum up,

The traditional marketplace is now being replaced by online stores. E-commerce is now flourishing better than ever.

However, online stores require a touch of perfection to their product photos. There are many effective techniques of photo treatment that make the images unique and lucrative.

With the growing demand, many photo editing companies are developing in Bangladesh and other South Asian countries. However, for several reasons clipping path company in Bangladesh is developing and availability of manpower at a low cost is one of them. Moreover, the education system, proper patronization, favorable GMT zone, and other issues are allowing the western companies to select Bangladesh as their ultimate outsourcing solution.

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