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Differences between the Clipping Path and Image Masking

clipping path vs image masking

clipping path vs image masking

Clipping path and image masking both are supporting the image editing industry with their conveniences. To those who know how they function may identify their differences easily. But for the novice, it always seems equal at least from the outlook. The main difference only lies in their outputs, not in their functionalities.

However, to distinguish from one another, the clipping path associates the solid and straight objects. On the contrary, masking prefers fuzzy edges.

Clipping path:

Clipping path is factually the dedicated way through which the targeted object from an image is extracted.

Obviously, it should be executed by any professional. Otherwise, the extracted image won’t look perfect. Images often require subject extraction for different purposes. And here, clipping path service is helpful in isolating specific portions from a frame for required modification.

However, Photoshop clipping path service is only applicable if the object is straight and blunt in edges. Fuzzy and irregular edges cannot be executed properly using the clipping path technique.

The photo editors usually enlarge the main image to 200-300% depending on the situation to finely mark the border areas. Then they set many anchor points and eventually create a single line which works as the functioning area.

clipping path service before and after

Image masking:

Image masking is a complex process of extracting elements with soft and irregular edges from an image. Like clipping path, image masking also requires expert hands to execute. If not, the output won’t be satisfactory.

Different e-commerce items like a hairy doll, transparent objects, and others require image masking services. Again, modeling photos need this service to isolate the subjects without damaging any of it; especially hairy areas.

In image masking service in Photoshop, the editors also follow the same procedure as clipping path. The image is enlarged at the optimal range first and then the regular procedure follows.

image masking service before and after

Clipping path vs. Image masking:

By the time you are here, most probably you have a basic idea of the image editing techniques discussed above.

However, to make it clear further, a brief discussion would be helpful. And to do so, let’s focus on them individually.

Clipping path is a much demanding technique in image editing platforms. E-commerce sites, as well as product photographers, require this service frequently. Well, to some extent, it can be applied to almost all sorts of photos.

However, the clipping path technique works fine on the solid edges. Images with regular and straight borders are easy to execute through this image editing process. So, as we find here, clipping path technique is not for complex images.

In addition, multiple items can be clipped from a single image which we call multi path. Furthermore, it requires having same layer if you are applying the clipping path on an image. Or it should have at least the same group.

On the other hand, clipping mask or image mask is not a subject to be applied to solid elements. Irregular and transparent objects require this technique to execute the purpose. Basically, Photoshop image masking service is applied when the object has soft endings. It may be hair, wool, or thin and stray objects.

Images of the hairy doll, woolen shirt, jacket, or any apparel items with translucent fragments need image masking technique to separate them from the background.

Here, in image masking, you need to select a single element since it does not allow multiple items at a time.

Clipping path service cannot mark the soft items and delivers poor result. The edges look blunt and incomplete making the images unattractive. So, photo editors do not use clipping path technique on irregular images. Rather they prefer masking technique to ensure perfectly edged images.

What importance of clipping path and image masking does hold for businesses?

Well, clipping path and image masking do hold a significant amount of importance for the businesses. And to relate it with the professional photographers and photographic agencies, we must go through their purposes here.

Professional photographers (product photographers, wedding photographers, and fashion/portrait photographers especially) use both of the image editing services to fix certain flaws present in their photos. Moreover, they make their images lucrative and unbeatable gorgeous using those services from the professional photo editing companies.

Product photographers have to take thousands (in some cases) of photos of different photos from different angle and places. But, when it comes to editing, there is no alternative to clipping path and image masking service since e-commerce site demands pure white backgrounds as the basic requirement. There are some other photo editing solutions require occasionally to turn ordinary images into grand pieces and whatever you do, image masking and clipping path are almost mandatory for harmless modifications.

It enhances the charm of the images making them suitable and desirable to the buyers. So, indirectly (directly too) it increases the business opportunity for you both at home and abroad.

clipping path and image masking

Summing up,

In this e-commerce world and online technology, people all over the world like to shop online. And here, image clipping path and clipping mask service elevate the chances for businessmen to generate eye-catching images convincing buyers to make purchases from them.

Again, in a world of glamour and luxury, people love to preserve their precious moments through lenses. And here, those image editing services allow the photographers to take a hold on the best outputs satisfying the eye of its beholders.

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