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Background makes the subjects special. And, it happens to be clients like special products. So, whether or not you own a brand, online retail store, background removal services can serve great purposes for you. If you are a product photographer, considering the volume of images you had to deal with, photo background removal services will make your life easier.

Photographs may contain unnecessary elements in the background making it look less charming. Moreover, it can contain irrelevant objects making it less salable to the clients. In those cases, you need to remove the background of the images and replace them with grand looking ones. Removing the background of your photo ultimately makes them look posh and the viewers find it invest-worthy. 

E-commerce product photo post-processing consumes up a lot of time making the job inefficient for professional photographers and online retailers. It is also a tiresome project that keeps you occupied for hours hindering your regular business. Professional image background removal service provider like us can make your job easier while allowing you to take care of your business. We do it within the quickest turnaround and assure the best quality.

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Photoshop Image Background Removal Services at Clipping Homes LTD

What is jewelry retouching service?What is image background removal service?

Image background removal service is, in general, the method of erasing the existing background from an image. Technically, it is a part of sophisticated photo manipulation process with an aim to fit the images with their contextual meaning and appropriateness.  

Who need BG remove services & why?

E-commerce is advancing day by day. With it, the demand for the sophisticated images is increasing as well. However, considering the e-commerce product photographers and online retailers as the primary users of Photoshop background removal services, the chart expands to professional fashion/portrait photographers, advertising agencies, manufacturing companies, print media, and so forth.

They use professional image background removal services to enhance the appeal of the images while fixing their contextual inappropriateness. Irrelevant product background makes it hard to attain desired sales. E-commerce platforms also recommend using plain backgrounds to showcase the salable products. In that case, photo background removal services work as the ultimate media in attaining those purposes for specific individuals. 

How to remove backgrounds from the images?

There are three major ways of background removal in Photoshop including—

Image background removal using clipping path:

Clipping path is the most popular method of background removal and honestly speaking, the basic of all sorts of photo editing. Images with sharp edges and tangible curves can easily be cut out using the clipping path background removal service in Photoshop.

Photo background removal using image masking:

Hairy images and subjects make it hard to locate specific areas where they are spread. Moreover, it is not possible to identify and mark all the edges in woolen substances. Therefore, in images with those subjects and other complex-edgy objects, image masking technique is used to remove the background. 

Background removal using advanced Photoshop:

Super complex images with numerous curves, edges, and frequent bends require extensive actions to isolate from the background. It demands additional knowledge and steady hands. To remove background from such images, advanced Photoshop background removal technique is applied.

Types of professional photo background removal services —

Photographic subjects are stripped of its background mostly to make it more contextual or to bring diversity to the image. However, photo background removal services are highly effective in the below areas—

Unwanted image/object removal:

As the name suggests, background removal services remove the background that doesn’t fit in the context and makes the image look poor.

During photography, images may contain numerous unwanted particles and objects. In some cases, the whole background requires swapping to make it contextual. Image background removal services remove the ugly backdrops and add suitable ones to present lucrative outlooks. 

Change or Re-create a background:

Background removal services are mostly used to change and recreate a background of an image. It isolates the improper background add most appropriate one or keep the image simply background less. 

Product photographs as well as modeling photographs require the altercation of the background to fit it with the context. It is also a part of professional photo manipulation service as the service requires frequent background removal and attachment.

How can we help you?

We are one of the best photo editing companies with a great number of professionally trained graphic designers. They are vastly experienced and have good commands over Photoshop and other photo editing tools available. 

They are creative and work really fast. With their help, we ensure alluring look to your product images through our effective retouching and background removal services.

We’ve served first-class brands as well as famous photographers worldwide with good reputation. Most of them are still our regular clients and for them, we offer our premium services at considerable costs. You’ll also get the discounts as well if you have bulk orders. Our free-trial services are designed to let you enjoy a glimpse of our quality without paying a penny. Moreover, you can enjoy our ‘redo’ service if something goes wrong for our insincerity.

And, you’ll get them at the quickest time possible.

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