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Amazon Product Photography: What, How, and Why?

Amazon Product Photography

Amazon Product Photography

Nothing beats a good image when it comes about e-commerce. And therefore, high-quality images are the highest priority for conducting online business. The online marketplace is highly dominated by Amazon. And here, Amazon product photography is a must thing to be understood clearly.

Areas that we will cover here-

A well-built website with the combination of perfect product photography tactics will ensure greater organic sales satisfying the regular target of profits.

So, let us begin.

Product photography: what is it?

Just like any other formats of photography, product photography is the unique way of showcasing commercial products online. The main purpose of product photography is to develop alluring images to attract buyers.

Well, it is not confined to the online marketplace only. Along with the e-commerce section it also promotes sales offline. Printed media like billboard advertisement requires high-quality product images to let the buyers know about the product’s presence. Moreover, various digital adverting agencies and platforms see product photography as the primary medium of communication with potential buyers.

A proverb saying- “A picture speaks a thousand words” is relatable to this concern. A good quality product photo creates an opportunity to make a sale. And so, product photography should be your ‘A-rated’ priority just after you launch your online store. To add, Amazon product photography is a way of photographing your products maintaining the requirements of the Amazon when conducting affiliate business.

cosmetics products photography for amazon

Getting into Amazon product photography: things you should know

Appealing photos attract customers like nothing other.

We hear buyers often saying- we only buy something if we like it. And, if we need it. So, visual appeal is something that your product photos must-have. Convince the eyes of the buyers first if you are up for selling something to them.

Always try to convey or attach emotional phenomena with your product photos. People most likely fall for emotional items quite quickly. And therefore, it is wise to capture and optimize your product photos in a way that attach consumers emotionally. If done so, there’s a probability that you will get more regular consumers meaning better profitability.

Keep it in mind that you are upholding your brand value through the kind of products you are selling. So, to maintain a good reputation in terms of your brand value, you should use the finest images of your products. It remarks on the sophistication of your brand and creates an environment that supports your brand by all means.

Amazon product photography is not like those photographic genres that include some poses as well as some basic post-production technique.

It requires specific styles and equipment. But first, it requires a skilled and talented photographer who knows how to objectify the beauty of the products. You need to set the angles that focus on what the buyers prefer observing. Proper lighting, perfect angles, adequate shots, and right distance ensure perfect images for Amazon products.

Take your time and plan for a considerable amount of time to determine the right position, distance, angle, and proper environment. Otherwise, your Amazon product photography will fail miserably.

As an online businessman, you must take the help of professional product photographers to take photos of your products. Unless you are the right person to photograph your Amazon products it is better to let a professional one do this for you. To run your online business smoothly, image optimization is a must. And it is only possible when a professional photographer is in charge.

amazon electronics product photography

Taking product photos for Amazon: how to?

Before we start, let’s point out the issues that you should focus on prior to the photography session. Those points are-

  • Make a plan and execute it accordingly
  • Pay attention to the background
  • Ensure adequate lighting condition
  • Never compromise the resolution of the images
  • Optimize your shooting range depending on the size of the products
  • Remember taking photos from multiple angles
  • Remain steady for better pictures
  • Focus on the product only
  • Don’t consider illegal items to promote and sale

However, you might need certain elements to execute your Amazon product photography purpose effectively.

Let’s have a look.

  • A good camera with the right kits
  • A tripod with the right height
  • Storage devices
  • Materials to use as a background
  • Light reflector
  • A table with right height and width
  • Light sources
shoes photography for amazon online store

Requirements for Amazon product photos

Amazon product photography is not limited to only the camera clicks. It has much more to do like post-production and optimizing technical issues for online publication.

For technical requirements meet up, Amazon has specific instructions like mentioned under:

File formats: Amazon supports the image formats like TIFF (.tif/.tiff), PNG (.png), GIF (.gif), and JPEG (.jpeg/.jpg).

Dimension: The preferred image dimension is 1000 pixels at least (10MB size)

Color: CMYK or RGB works fine for Amazon.

File name: Uploaded images should have file names containing 13-digit ISBN, Amazon ASIN, UPC, JAN, EAN). It should include the file extension name too. No space and special characters are allowed here.

For general features of the displayed images, the following issues get the top-most priority:

  • Only the digital print of the product image is allowed
  • Authenticity is a priority here and alternation is not appreciated
  • The images should be clean
  • Photo editing should not harm the genuineness of the main photo
  • A complete white background (RGB: 255,255,255) is necessary
  • Promotional graphics are not allowed
  • The main photographic frame must include the whole product

Offensive material is not allowed and should not be published

amazon sound system product photo

Optimizing images for Amazon

Image optimization is crucial for Amazon affiliate business. Without a solid optimization formula, it is almost impossible to shine in this section.

Buyers now are in constant persuasion of the fine-looking images as a better image ensures better visibility. And, when you are buying something without physically touching or inspecting it, you will certainly cherish for a clear image.

However, nowadays, there are hundreds of photo editing companies providing quality services to product photographers. Moreover, they provide this service to online retailers too.

Amazon product photography associated with the professional photographers looks for certain core issues while optimizing the images for the business site. More or less, Amazon product photos can be optimized using the following steps-

  1. Provide as many photos as possible but obviously what Amazon allows
  2. Use only the high-quality images
  3. Maintain the recommended dimension of the photos
  4. Use required and relevant photo editing services for image beautification

Follow the instructions strictly

amazon product photos

How professional product photography attracts customers?

Visual info is what drives our brain today. We all find it easier to remember a graphic item rather than a text.

So, to put customers at ease, you better use photos that convey the message faster. Proper images create a positive impression that lasts longer in the mind of the visitor. So, he finds it convenient to remember a business place with fine graphic items than that of texts.

Professional product photographers make the thing a lot easier. He certainly knows how to make the photos look appealing. Well, the whole process is not dependent on the camera gadgets only. It requires intelligent photo post-production service too. Together they make the photos perfect for website use.

Professional Amazon product photography uses certain photo editing features that converts an ordinary image into a great one. More or less, the image beautification process starts with the right camera setting to successful post-processing session. The image post-processing session may include the following e-commerce photo editing services depending on the targets-

  • Clipping path
  • Image masking
  • Ghost mannequin and neck joint effect
  • Background removal
  • Color correction and color variant
  • Shadow optimization
  • Crop and resize
  • Product photo retouching and so on

However, fine-tuned product photos catch the eye of the buyers in the first place. The cleaner the image is, the better it has an opportunity for customer conversion. Visual appeal is something that may sell even your most irrelevant products on Amazon.

Customers like to see the images from a close point of view. And therefore, he attempts to zoom it and in some cases, observes it from different angles. So, you must keep the option open for the visitors who want to rotate the image to their desired level. It will certainly make them fall for your products as the scope of inspection ensures credibility.

High-quality e-commerce product photos engage customers and increase sales. With the visitor increasing, product sale also increases. And eventually, it brings more revenues.

amazon product delivery point photo
Summing up,

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce marketplaces and thousands are making a fortune out of it. But, considering the total number of users, the success rate is quite low. And here, the main reason for failure is the indifference in Amazon product photography tactics.

No matter how resourceful your store is, it won’t be a success until you are strategic and accurate in image optimization.

Before you upload your photos on the site, make sure they are taken perfectly. And of course, make sure they are post-processed brilliantly. There are many professional e-commerce photo editing companies to help you with this matter. Skilled Amazon product photography agencies can be of great help. Once tailored for the final presentation, follow the instruction provided by Amazon to get your desired success in making business profits.

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