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9 Photo Editing Software to Edit like a Pro

advanced photo editing software

photo editing software

Photo editing is almost an inseparable part of digital photography. However, when it comes to professional-level editing, software plays a great role.

Well, almost all professional photographers and photo editing companies prefer Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom when it comes to action. But, today there are some strong competitors offering advanced photo editing scopes to the professionals as well as beginners.

Various photo editing software offers different sophisticated options enabling the editor to create something extraordinary and brilliant. Besides, the upgrades that they are receiving regularly focus on making them user-friendly increasing usability.

However, let’s find out some great photo editing software that offer professional-level editing even for beginners.

Top Photo Editing Software:

1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

A bit complicated yet the best photo editing tool so far. It comes with A-Z features and offers all-round photo treatments to the photographers and photo editors. Well, it’s been used by professionals for years and the feature it offers can tune your ordinary photos to something gorgeous if you can command accordingly through the tools, effects, and filters available. From simple crop to high-end retouching, you have it all in just one place. But you are invincible when you have another Adobe product which is coming below.

2. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom

A great photo editing tool for extensive editing in terms of photo’s shadow, light, and some other basic touch-ups. But you cannot use it to leverage your photo’s commercial value to the top because you’ll have to take the help of the other Adobe tools. However, for basic editing, it is unbeatable.



GIMP is also a popular photo editing tool and guess what, you can use it free. A professional-level photo editing within your hands reach and so, there’s nothing that can stop you from generating outstanding photos regardless of its portrait, landscape, or whatsoever. It is great for retouching, photo enhancement, and many more since it offers a great range of features, filters, and effects.

4. Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo

Comparatively cheap yet offers professional-level filters and effects. Mostly compared to the Adobe Photoshop and in some cases, its hybrid output amazes the most gnarly person. However, if you want outstanding outputs but still struggling to get to know Adobe products, it might be a great choice for you.

5. Aurora HDR

Aurora HDR

The idea of Artificial Intelligence in a photo editing software is now real and thanks to Aurora HDR. Equipped with more than 20 sophisticated tools, this one is really great for HDR enthusiasts. Of all the tools available in this package, polarizing filter, vignetting, color toning, dodge and burn, are some features hard to be overlooked because of their flashes of brilliance. It has dedicated tools to clean noises effectively while HDR clarity enhances the overall charm even though you don’t have to touch up the whole photo to gain that look.

6. Luminar


Another photo editing software that allows AI to take over your tasks and execute them almost perfectly. Along with Adobe products, it is now gaining the trust of the professional photo editors and photographers. In addition, it also comes in plugin format that is usable with your existing Adobe products. However, from quick brightening to a professional-level task, Luminar is a great helping hand.

7. Canva


A mobile-friendly tool to edit your needs with maximum ease. It offers numerous templates and basically helpful to those who want to keep doing their job even after leaving their desks. Canva simply brings a revolution to the industry of graphic design with the promise of cultivating your potentials to the highest level.

8. ON1 Photo RAW

ON1 Photo RAW

First of all, it is free and a complete package that offers user experience almost like Adobe packages. Besides, it is equipped with a number of stack-able filters, presets, and many other photo enhancing options to fix photos quickly. Like Luminar, it is also available in add-on format.

9. Pixlr


A portable photo editor that you can access both online and offline. It has 2+ million amazing free effects to choose from and the filters and features it provides, are really brilliant.

It is hard to tell if you’ll be able to get your desired output since it requires an experienced hand to do. However, you can still try. And you know what practice is something that will make you perfect one day. But first, capture the subject in the best way. Without it, no tool can get you what you are looking for.

Well, here we are. A short list of best photo editing tools but here, I’ve certainly missed some amazing image editing software that I want you to identify for me. Please let me know what do you use and how do you feel.

Amy Wilson
Amy Wilson
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